The 13th International Conference on Electronic Commerce
3-5th August 2011, Liverpool, UK

The International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC) annually brings together the leaders of the scientific research community in e-commerce and e-business from all over the world. Having travelled across the globe from Austria to Taiwan and Hawaii, the conference returns to Europe, to the historical trading and shipping city of Liverpool, England.

The theme of ICEC11 is “Mobile and Pervasive Commerce”. The revolution in mobile devices, from smart phones that allow constant access to the network through evolving 3/4G networks, to tablets and eBook readers has changed the way people consume and exploit data. The notion of pricey, low volume software has been replaced with high volume, low priced, instant access apps that can be bought through an online App-store.  Location-awareness and portability has driven a new demand for context-sensitive apps, and the explosion of entertainment and content delivery services has facilitated new models of commerce. This conference aims to facilitate the dialogues among experts in academic and industries to exchange insights in related issues, and hopefully boost up research momentum across disciplines to contribute to mobile and pervasive commerce  for the e-commerce community.

Important Dates
Conference: 3rd - 5th August 2011


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Banquet - 4th August (Day 2) 
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